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Man Allegedly commits 10 felonies in 9 hours

By Eric Pfeiffer One man traveling through Tennessee allegedly completed a crime spree with such urgency that even local police say they’d never seen anything like it. William Todd, 24, is accused of committing 10 felonies in just nine hours … Continue reading

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What it means to be born on the 6th of the month

Your strengthsYou are family-oriented and have a talent for settling disputes between people to the satisfaction of both sides. You somehow know the middle ground. Your lesson in life is to work with the whole subject of balance. You must … Continue reading

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I don’t agree with everything said in this story, but it does a pretty good job of putting the long term revolutionary aspects of Ron Paul’s campaign into proper context. As I’ve said before, when the 2012 elections are over, … Continue reading

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The True Self

Theoretically, I can be anything I wish, correct? Isn’t that what freedom Stands for? The right to openly choose who you want to be, and eventually become that person. It doesn’t need any direction from others, because ultimately, it is … Continue reading

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Palin Isn’t Convinced Romney Is Conservative

Sunday, 12 Feb 2012 06:49 PM By Newsmax Wires Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said Sunday that while GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney “is a great candidate,” he’s still evolving as a conservative. Palin is not yet convinced Romney is … Continue reading

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The Daily Quote by Oh Zee

“Knowledge is the use of the thought pattern; to arrive at a conclusion. Wisdom is knowing you came to the right conclusion. If neither pertain to you, then you’re lost in the illusion of Reality.” – Oh Zee Oh Zee, … Continue reading

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