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Before 2012 Begins

I thought for hours until I came up with a quick checklist, of things to do this New Year’s Eve. 1. End 2011 in Style. “I set the trends that ya’ll follow!” – Oh Zee 2. Release the Hounds. “NYE … Continue reading

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Political With Ridicule!

    Only three months left until I publicly announce my candidacy for the Office of Mayor here in Stockton, California.  That will be the moment I can estimate the reality of me holding the Office.  Whether I win, or … Continue reading

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My World Order

Free Will has gone sour today in America.  As a whole; society has allowed their free will to give them the option of going the wrong way! Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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I Am Ready to Accept my Role

The time has come, and I am starting to realize my destiny.  I cannot divert from the path I was supposed to to take, for I am the one who cradles the fate of Humanity.  Occupy Protester’s will not like … Continue reading

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