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Eminem – Occupy America

We are at the tipping point, it’s time to GHOGH!! Our rights are being stripped quietly as we watch silently, Let’s take our country back!! Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Oh Zee’s Quote of the day

“When we as a country can no longer question the fact that our civil liberties are being stripped, it is time we fight for our rights!” – Oh Zee Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Grandfather Gets Arrested for Holding Burglar at Gunpoint While Waiting for Police to Arrive

by Jenny Erikson A New Hampshire grandfather has been arrested and is facing a possible prison sentence for firing a shot into the ground and holding a burglar at gunpoint until the cops could arrive. Dennis Fleming, 61, came home … Continue reading

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What do you Mean my Retirement is Gone!

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Rick Santorum Tells AIPAC Obama ‘Turned His Back on the People of Israel’

Rick Santorum Tells AIPAC Obama ‘Turned His Back on the People of Israel’: CLEVELAND – Instead of shaking hands outside polling places in Ohio or Tennessee today, Rick Santorum warned a Super Tuesday audience at the American Israel Public Affairs … Continue reading

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I just found this KTLA 5 (cbs) Poll

Politics PollWho is your pick for the GOP presidential nominee?Mitt Romney (2334 responses)53% Ron Paul (1746 responses)40% Rick Santorum (256 responses)6% Newt Gingrich (59 responses)1% 4395 total responses(Results not scientific) I am seeing That Ron Paul isn’t far from Romney, … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Obama’s Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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‘THREE OF A KIND’ AIRS IN GEM STATE, SETTING RECORD STRAIGHT ON PAUL’S RIVALS AND PRESENTING HIM AS SOLE, AUTHENTIC CONSERVATIVE.” BOISE, Idaho – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today that it is now airing its celebrated ad … Continue reading

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Doomsday Bill: Wyoming prepares bill, fearing a national collapse

Wyoming state representatives have taken a cold hard look at the state of America and it seems they do not like what they see. Jeremy Pelzer at The Casper Star-Tribune reports that legislators approved Friday, a study looking at what … Continue reading

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Veterans For Ron Paul Rally

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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