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Reports National Journal: Paul won standing ovations from some 4,600 people on Wednesday night at a University of Illinois rally–his largest turnout ever–for his calls to “bring our troops home!” He also told the crowd, made up mostly of college … Continue reading

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Romney has been dating a Porn Star?

Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney attempted to skip out on the streets, his way of saying thanks mitt. After the long and tough campaign he has been through, he wanted to get a break from it all. Well let’s just say … Continue reading

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Post Debate Statements From Ron Paul

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Haley Barbour Tells ABC News, ‘Somebody Else Might Get In"

Could the battle for the Republican nomination go all the way to the Republican convention in August? Could we see an entirely new candidate getting into the race? One long-time Republican leader tells ABC News the answer to both questions … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Says Santorum Can’t Beat Obama

By Alexandre JaffeRon Paul said he doesn’t think that Rick Santorum can defeat President Obama in a general election. “I don’t see how that’s possible,” he said on Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union. Paul also jabbed at Santorum … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Is Winning, by Delegates

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Palin Isn’t Convinced Romney Is Conservative

Sunday, 12 Feb 2012 06:49 PM By Newsmax Wires Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said Sunday that while GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney “is a great candidate,” he’s still evolving as a conservative. Palin is not yet convinced Romney is … Continue reading

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Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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