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“We elect mayors and city council members for a reason: to represent us. Ballot box budgeting might solve one problem, but single-mindedly pursuing a single solution can create ripples with far wider repercussions.” – Dan Oney;sz=300×250;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000000005217789;pid=21699707;usg=AFHzDLsDVTC3ze3jrHJ-XdRFhYNHgdR3CA;;pubid=536313;price=%2499.98;title=Alera+Economy+Folding+Table%2C+48%22+W+x+24%22+D%2C+Walnut;merc=OfficeMax;;width=151;height=135 Oh Zee, “Money … Continue reading

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‘We the People’ can bring Stockton back to the top

With less than 6 weeks until California’s Primary, I have found myself in a tough position, yet still ahead of the pack. The reality is that Stocktonians know who I am, being one of the top record producers in the … Continue reading

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