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Alex Jones – Ted Nugent Under Investigation

Classifieds, Free Classifieds, Products for Sale – Your Online Store, Share Files, & Search Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Eminem – Occupy America

We are at the tipping point, it’s time to GHOGH!! Our rights are being stripped quietly as we watch silently, Let’s take our country back!! Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Rise Our American Youth – Rebellious Truths

You as a group have contributed least to the ominous problems now plaguing this country. Yet the heaviest burdens will be forced upon the already aching backs of your futures by the previous generations. Many of you are hoping, and … Continue reading

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Obama campaign chief slams Romney ‘hypocrisy’ on Harvard, out-of-touch attacks

With the presidential campaign in full “I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I” swing, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign manager Jim Messina on Monday accused Mitt Romney of “hypocrisy” for his attacks on the president as a member of a coddled, out-of-touch, Harvard-educated elite. “I would … Continue reading

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Pictures That Americans Are Not In Favor Of

This is for those Stupid Americans that say Iraq, Iran… Same Thing! We have the same ideas for us and our Democracy. Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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The True Self

Theoretically, I can be anything I wish, correct? Isn’t that what freedom Stands for? The right to openly choose who you want to be, and eventually become that person. It doesn’t need any direction from others, because ultimately, it is … Continue reading

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RON PAUL Has Way More Delegates!

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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P. Diddy’s Words of Wisdom

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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So you think I am Worthless?

In a scuffle of opinions, a friend mentioned that he thought my “attention was worthless.” What does that even mean? I can focus my attention towards anything worthy of my time. The best part is who was telling me this. … Continue reading

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