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Santorum Called America ‘Satan’ in CNN Debate

If you view Rick Santorum as a legit presidential candidate, you should be slapped hard in the face. This man has a mad-man who is trying to hard to connect to the Christians. Calling this great country, “Satan?” What was … Continue reading

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Starved Wisconsin Girl’s Statements Detail Her Life

MILWAUKEE (AP) — When the malnourished 15-year-old awoke each morning, she could hear her family eating and getting ready for the day. If she felt especially brave or desperate she would call to her stepmother and beg for food, but … Continue reading

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"Feelings," don’t exist!

Feeling – feel·ingnounThe  Definition  is a little misleading because it does note that one has feelings, even though the word feel, is defined as the power to perceive by touch.  I think the plural version of the word should be eliminated from the dictionary.  Answer … Continue reading

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