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Mega Millions jackpot hits $356 million

GO BUY A TICKET!!!! CA Lottery Website Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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Jeb Bush Endorses Romney

I was wondering why the Media was making a big deal out of this particular Bush’s Endorsement. The Son of President George H.W. Bush, and Little Brother of George W. Bush, Jeb Bush is the next in the family to … Continue reading

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Is Stockton Falling off Financial Cliff?

STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) — A red, white and blue sign declaring Stockton an “All-America City” still adorns City Hall, but the building’s crumbling facade tells the real story of the community’s recent fortunes. Since the sign went up nearly a … Continue reading

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How Stupid Some People Can Be

Honestly, where does one find an ego that far out of touch with humanity, that they cry because someone moved something and or borrowed it and put it back exactly where it was. They are so caught up in their … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind Federal Reserve

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2012: What They Don’t Want You To Know

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Discovered 12,000 Year Old Structure

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Visit The New Site

An Electronic Retail Site, that Aims at bringing the people the lowest prices available. Everything from Touchscreen Mp3 Players and Tablets, they also have laptops, and Security Systems. Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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RON PAUL Has Way More Delegates!

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Ron Paul Now in Second Place In GOP Race

Ron Paul is not gonna go out with out a sure effort. In this key election year, he is doing just that. He is planning to get the delegates to win the primary. They are lying about the caucuses, Ron … Continue reading

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