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Get To The Facts Already

I have been dazzled by the quickness we are spinning right now, we must have really picked up speed… It’s been day & Nite, radpidly rotating and causing a lapse in judgement when applied to time. We shall see what … Continue reading

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Why Not Call For A Fair Catch?

The Forty Niners fell victim to the New York Giants, at the Hands of Kyle Williams second critical mistake of handling a punt. This team was great, and due to ONE Player not using the fundamentals he has always been … Continue reading

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When Will We See Change? Finally in 2012!

There are plenty of Republicans I could, and would never support. 2012, the Republicans have a spirited Ron Paul, who is shaking up the politcal spectrum. Nothing is too bold for his insight, he seems to have pulled me from … Continue reading

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QUIT DREAMIN’ – Oh Zee ft 1iigemiinii1 and Hyphy EASpyder, By: Oh Zee

QUIT DREAMIN' – Oh Zee ft 1iigemiinii1 and Hyphy EASpyder, By: Oh Zee Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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It seems as though this winter could be looked at as odd, it makes perfect sense to co-relate to the planetary shifting of the poles. This could explain how we are experiencing the cold and Dry weather in the Central … Continue reading

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When it is time to say Never!

I see a lighter side of all the talk about who, this what, why, and when??? Can one at one stage in life just realize they are the most important of all. Who cares about Television Characters, and other never … Continue reading

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New music by Oh ZEe

Oh Zee, “Money DOES Grow on TREES”

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