‘We the People’ can bring Stockton back to the top

With less than 6 weeks until California’s Primary, I have found myself in a tough position, yet still ahead of the pack. The reality is that Stocktonians know who I am, being one of the top record producers in the region, as well as being the founder of Oh Zee Clothing, a popular brand here in the Central Valley. I felt more compelled to begin a Political movement to bring the power back to the people. An ideal society, is one with a small governing body, nobody can argue that as the foundation of my political platform.

The race for the office of Mayor has already given me the opportunity to exceed my expectations, and venture into the Political world a lot sooner than I had anticipated. I made the decision to get involved in politics when I was in the 5th Grade. Here I am fifteen years later, officially listed as a candidate on California’s 2012 Primary Ballot. I have not declared myself as a member of any political party, because I do not wish to draw boundaries to confine my decision making to be based solely on that party’s agenda.

I have seen what it is going to take to win, and I am taking the necessary steps to ensure victory come June 5th. Regardless of what the other candidates plan to throw at me as we get closer to our State’s Primary, I will continue to run a fair campaign all the way til election day.

Already I have seen a flurry of campaign signs being placed all over town, most of which are illegally posted on Public Property, in the Public right of way, or inside the utility easement. What is the penalty for violating the Stockton Municipal Code? Shouldn’t they be fined for said offense? As well as full disclosure of their blatant disregard of the statutes concerning sign placement which was put forth in the City’s Charter back in 1989.

May I officially call out Mayor Ann Johnston, who is also trying to bypass the rules of the Charter, which states;

“No person elected shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms as a member of the Council or Mayor.”

I am asking her to withdrawl her candidacy immediately, before this requires legal attention. The rules set by our fore-fathers were done for a reason, for us to follow. If she chooses not to follow our civil code, what makes you believe that she wants whats best for Stockton? The citizens are furious with this administration laying-off roughly 20% of our City’s police force, at a time when Stockton topped the murder per capita nation-wide.

Take a stance in 2012, by joining Greg Pitsch and his supporters in a last chance effort to take our city back! It’s time to say, “No more!”

Greg Pitsch 111
The Future Mayor of Stockton.


About ohzeeclothing

I am a very spontaneous, and mild mannered guy, who takes opportunity's when their available.
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