Ron Paul winning by delegates

As the 2012 Race for the Republican Nomination turns toward this week’s primaries in D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin all eyes are on so-called “front-runners” like Romney who the media says is running away with the Delegates and is the “most likely” nominee.

If you turn on the television today you have a very good chance of seeing the media’s general estimated delegate count for the four remaining “Republicans” that are vying for the 2012 nod.

Although the numbers vary slightly depending on which mainstream source used, currently, the establishment’s media is displaying the approx. totals as Romney leading with around 550 delegates, Santorum with around 240, Gingrich around 130, and Ron Paul trailing the pack with usually less than 50.

Are these numbers accurate? Let’s find out.

The first problem we see when studying delegate counts comes from the very first caucus held in Iowa back in January.

Although the media says they “estimate” the delegate count as proportionate to the percentages of votes won in each caucus, of Iowa’s 25 available delegate seats, even as Santorum, Romney and Paul basically split the votes there relatively evenly, somehow the media’s estimated delegate count shows Santorum as winning 13 delegates and Romney winning the other 12….as if Paul received no votes whatsoever.

With that being said, if taking percentages of caucus votes into account to determine the estimated final delegate totals, the media’s general delegate estimate is already faulty after just the first caucus.


However, as we dig even deeper into the situation those estimated delegate counts are actually much further flawed than even the Iowa example shows.

Even though you haven’t heard much about it in the media, in all the caucus states around the country Ron Paul’s delegate strategy is actually paying off as county after county and district after district are sending more Ron Paul Delegates to State Conventions than any other candidate.

How is that possible?

First and foremost, in the caucus states the original caucus that takes place is actually only a straw poll and truly only serves to inform the voters of each precinct as to where their perspective precinct’s voters generally stand.

The real elections don’t actually take place until immediately thereafter when those who wish to become delegates stay behind after everyone else goes home. This is where the process begins to narrow down the hundreds or thousands from each caucus state that want to become a delegate.

Individuals from each precinct that want to become a delegate pitch each other as to why they each deserve to represent their precinct at their County’s Convention. They then hold another election to decide who will fill those available seats and vote those individuals to those County Conventions, which typically takes place a couple weeks later, and many already have.

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