STOCKTON, CA – Stockton police officials said a recent effort to reduce deadly violence has led to the arrest of 32 people on the city’s most wanted list.

Several U.S. Marshals have been helping police track the city’s most dangerous criminals for the past several weeks. Federal help arrived in Stockton as part of Mayor Ann Johnston’s Marshall Plan.

Among the 32 people arrested, 11 were, at one time, on the “Top 10 of Most Wanted” list. Two men arrested Wednesday were part of that list.

Javier Corona was arrested in connection to a murder that happened in the parking lot of a south Stockton shoe store.

U.S. Marshals also arrested Steven Fernandez Domingo on Wednesday.

Officer Pete Smith said the success of the effort is not a surprise.

“They’re not answering calls for service, the 1,100 calls we get every day,” Smith said. “They’re focused on the list, running down leads, and focused on the intelligence as it comes in. When you can do that in law enforcement, you’ll be successful.”

By Tim Daly,

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