Please Make a Small contribution

A month ago I formally announced my candidacy for the Mayor’s seat, in Stockton, CA. I am truly honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve the citizens of Stockton.

As a longtime resident of San Joaquin County with 6 years of public service as an after-school coach and city official in my hometown, Manteca, CA. Representing the city I fell in love with, and I chose to make it my home. Being politically active has always been a dream of mine. Colleagues, friends, and family have graciously supported my political career with prayers, words of advice and through financial contributions. Many of you have been right there with me over the past 10 years. But now, maybe more than ever, I need to ask you again for your continued prayers, your ideas and your financial support and of course, your vote.

I am sure you will be very proud of the job I will do as an elected official. My voting record and stance on the tough issues reflect conservative, caring republican values. I believe strongly in:

Less Taxes – More Personal Rights – Good Environmental Stewardship – Constitutional Rights – Less Bureaucracy – Maintaining and Preserving Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans Benefits – Worker Rights – State Rights – American – Full Funding of Education – Elimination of the Inheritance Tax.

I believe we live in the best country in the world and I wholeheartedly support our President, our troops and our ongoing liberation and peace efforts through-out the middle east..

Over the next year, the dynamics of this campaign will be both exciting and challenging for not only myself but for my family and friends. It is the friends and citizens like you have supported me and I am hoping I can count on you again.

The simple theme and message of the GREG PITSCH FOR MAYOR campaign is bringing government back home! I truly believe honesty, integrity, and hard work wins every time. I want the federal government to know that they work for the people, the people do not work for the bureaucrats!

With your generous support I am confident that together we will win this race for the seat of Mayor. Won’t you please take a moment and consider the importance of electing a 26 year old resident of Stockton who is committed and dedicated to the people and issues here locally. There is no equal to the task of representing this city. I believe my years as an independent business owner and consultant make me the most qualified candidate to represent you.

I want to build a “bridge” from Stockton, to our nation’s capital…so that the federal government realizes our hope, our dreams, and our values. As always thank you for your kindness and generosity and together we can bring Stockton back to the top.

In service I remain…Conservative, Compassionate, and Caring.

Best Regards, Greg Pitsch


About ohzeeclothing

I am a very spontaneous, and mild mannered guy, who takes opportunity's when their available.
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