All Website Polls show Ron Paul By Far the Favorite Candidate for President

“I agree with Pattyk. Obama is a fraud. He was subpoenaed to appear in a GA court last month and produce his original birth certificate. He failed to appear in court. He regards himself as above the law. The social security number that he is using belongs to a deceased woman. He goes to war without going to Congress, which is unconstitutional. He is for spending, spending, spending. He is destroying our nation morally and financially. Americans who want liberty, and peace should Vote for Ron Paul.” – Lulyn

*** thanks for your vote ***
who do you support for president?

say rick santorum(164 votes)

say newt gingrich(298 votes)

say barack obama(308 votes)

say mitt romney(206 votes)

say ron paul(858 votes)

1834 total votes

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I am a very spontaneous, and mild mannered guy, who takes opportunity's when their available.
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