Ron Paul Wins First Caucus: MSM Changes Rules, Reports Romney Wins

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul secured his first caucus victory over the weekend, by winning 29 percent of the popular vote among the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, the mainstream media decided to report that despite coming in second with 26 percent, Mitt Romney was the real winner.

The Republican Party of the U.S. Virgin Islands reported the results as “112 to Paul (29%), 101 to Romney (26%), 23 to Santorum (6%), 18 to Gingrich (5%),”

In response, The AP and other mainstream reports yesterday claimed that Mitt Romney won caucus, because he stands to come away with more delegates.

Ron Paul supporters and the campaign itself have been tirelessly pointing out that in many of the states that have already held primaries and caucuses, the amount of delegates the Congressman has secured does not always reflect his positioning in the straw polls. Indeed, in Iowa and New Hampshire Paul secured as many delegates as Romney and Santorum.

Yet the media has always reported the winner as the candidate who won the highest percentage in the popular vote.

Not so this time around. When Ron Paul secures a caucus victory, the media changes the rules and declares it is the delegate count that determines the real winner.

“The media is reporting that Mitt Romney won the U.S. Virgin Island Caucus when Ron Paul actually won the popular vote,” wrote the Paul campaign team in an email to supporters.

“If the popular vote means you’ve won, then Ron Paul just won the U.S. Virgin Island Caucus. If collecting delegates equals victory, then Paul stands to do well there too.” the Paul campaign added.

“The media is trying to have it both ways with Romney and the Virgin Island Caucus while ignoring Ron Paul’s actual straw poll first place victory,”
Paul’s official campaign blogger Jack Hunter explains how the media changed the rules below:

Romney stands to win more delegates because, like some US states, The Virgin Islands directly elect delegates in a process that is separate from the caucuses. The six delegates with the most support get to go to the national convention.

As such, Romney won three delegates plus three more via RNC member pledges. He also picked up a uncommitted delegate after the balloting, to bring his total delegates to seven. Ron Paul will take one delegate.

However, the facts show that Ron Paul unquestionably “won” the U.S. Virgin Island Caucus, in the same way Santorum “won” Iowa, Romney “won” New Hampshire, and Gingrich “won” South Carolina.

Portions of the mainstream media know this is the case, and have blatantly ignored it, simply because they do not wish to see Paul, the only anti-establishment candidate, doing well in the race.

The next states to hold primary elections are Mississippi and Alabama. Caucuses will also be held in Hawaii and the American Samoa this Tuesday.
Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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