States Already Suspected of Voter Fraud so far in 2012

The Headline above makes one consider if running for president isnt some form of odd sport like rowing. At times the waters are choppy, but most of the trip it’ll be a smooth sail, and thats if you can row consistently. Otherwise they throw you off the boat, and let the traveling be up to you. This is the point where pointing is no longer an option. How can we as individuals be okay with the FACT that they do not want the majority of the Country to hear Ron Paul Speak, and have him Unite the people again all bound to our constitution, the greatest Declaration known to man. Maybe we will all get to sign it this-time.

If and when Ron Paul wins a state, they tend to not mention it, but talk about how close the second and third place candidates, and never really mention who’s in what place, merely how ‘close it is between the two. There are lots of Reports from Caucus holders all-across the United States that their numbers were recorded by the State Representatives correctly. Either they were simply not

tallied at all, with a claim that they were lost. In some cases they are even being labeled as being won by other candidates, then telling the people to sit down and shut-up.

Even the Head of the Republican Party is reporting the different fraud cases that are seemingly more reported now than ever.
Karl Rove: “Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum Are meeting behind closed doors to decide whose going up, and who is going down.”
These States Have All been accounting credible witnesses to the cover-up the results and tell the Media those counties will be unable to cast their ballots, trying to do anything they can to hold on to the WORLD a little longer: South Carolina
IowaHas now been CONFIRMED!
Nevada Has Now Been CONFIRMED!
Maine Has Now Been CONFIRMED!
Has admitted that in counties where Ron Paul was leading by sometimes double digits, were not counted.Precinct, and County Heads all recorded saying they were calling in their votes, and then seeing different numbers being reported, or giving the results to a different contender. With only 4% of the votes counted they started saying it looks as if Romney was going to win! That would be saying it looks like the Kings will Beat the Lakers after the first possession of the game.

Greed is controlling our whole country, opposing them in any pursuit of profit is extremely dangerous. It will cause these money sucking leeches to die off, when we just don’t care about money.

Oh Zee (GP) 2012

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