Today I am Stating Publicly, My Candidacy For The Office Of Mayor

Today I am announcing that I will be running for Mayor, In the city of Stockton, California. This will mark my 4th year living in stockton, the All-American City. I fell in Love with this port-side town while I was commuting here from Manteca during my years at Delta College. My First Semester at the school, I was privileged enough to sign up for a psychology class with Dr. Blanchard. She was a fiesty lil-Oriental Lady, who had a dictatorial image about the way she taught that seems almost enriched somehow. Well I learned a lot from her, especially the social life of a socialite. She asked me to be a busboy at a reception she was holding for Dennis Cardoza, A District Representative in the 18th district of California. I agreed to participate, and help set the tables and break them down afterwards. Going to a Congressional Dinner, held by the wealthiest patrons in our surrounding areas. And did they know how to Party. There were Cases of wine from all the local grower’s, Corona’s, New-York Steaks, Caviar, and the list goes on, it wasn’t the nicest event I’ve partaken in, but definitely the funnest. I met the Congressman on the Casino side of the Boat, where he asked me to join him in playing roulette, and later taught me how to play Craps. What happens in Stockton, Stays in Stockton, Really this was a charity event, so it was all fun and games. This is what got my interest focused on public office, politics, and the key issues that take away from what moral standards we still see today. After soaking up everything around me for the past four years, and not changing my set core values, I believe I am ready to take on these challenges that are still ahead. I decided to run for the office of Mayor this year, because I am fed up with what we are being told. I want accountability from these elected officials that were carelessly taking our Country Joyriding with not a care in the world.

About ohzeeclothing

I am a very spontaneous, and mild mannered guy, who takes opportunity's when their available.
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