SB:46 2012, in with the ‘New’

2012 Is going to bring change to our civilization in some way or another, however, there is nothing new about this match-up. The “New” England Patriots will face a familiar foe, the “New” York Giants. A rematch of Super Bowl 42, which was Eli Manning’s only Super Bowl appearance, and won a memorable game that capped their Story Book Finish. Today’s Super Bowl, may be the biggest chance for America to send the Message, ‘New’ Teams Are Both Red and Blue.
I am looking ahead and I sense there may be a well known Patriot getting picked apart by the boys in blue. Tom Brady, has won his few Super Bowls, in light of the humor, today he could tie Joe Montana with 4 SB wins.

I like the way this game has a chance to be as important for Eli Manning as it will be for Tom Brady, however I believe Tom, is dodging left and right, until he sees Welker on the Fly. Brady throws it to Randy Moss, oh no it’s intercepted, and the Giants end up with another take-away, that will be his 3rd Interception of the day. So that’s Tom Brady telling Bill Belichek to pull him form the game, saying something about his tennis elbow?

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I am a very spontaneous, and mild mannered guy, who takes opportunity's when their available.
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